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I must be doing something right!

I was Night Manager at the hotel tonight, no big deal as business was extremely slow for a Friday. My relief this morning was our Human Resources director, who had a couple of nice surprises for me. I'd had two tickets in our United Way fundraiser raffle - I'm donating a dollar a week, so $52 was barely into the two ticket range - and I won with both of them. I got a $20 gift certificate for Applebees and an extra day off with pay (to be used some time in 2006).

Then came the even bigger surprise. Our cashier/payroll clerk is going on maternity leave soon - her first child's due in January - so he (our HR director) and our Finance director (my boss) have been tossing around ideas for a temporary replacement for the past couple of weeks, and my name keeps coming up. Would I be interested in training on Payroll? We get paid every two weeks, so we've only got a few pay periods left for training her replacement.

So I said yes, I'm definitely interested. No hesitation. I've been close to burnt out for a long time - just plain bored for the most part - and jumped at the chance to learn something new and try something different. Gazer does most of the kid wrangling anyway, so no conflicts at home I could think of. We discussed some ideas for night shift coverage if I move to days for a while. I suggested overtime as an alternative. Depending on how slow business was and how early the audit actually finished, maybe I can start on cashier or payroll stuff as soon as that's done, say 5 or 6am and go from there. That was an idea they hadn't considered.

I thanked him for the compliment too, that they were thinking of trusting me with something as important as payroll. It'll be interesting to see how this plays out.
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