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Star Songs

November 19th, 2005

(no subject) @ 11:20 am

Current Mood: silly silly

If you clicked this cut, you have to repost it in your journal, with one of the following in your cut tag (replace my name with yours!)

1. StarsongKY got me pregnant.
2. I made love to StarsongKY last night.
3. My boyfriend turned out to be gay.
4. I got laid last night.
5. My mom called me a whore.
6. My mom found out I'm pregnant.
7. My girlfriend is pregnant.
8. Tips on giving head.
9. Pussy Eating 101.
10. My dad found one of my used condoms.

roina_arwen got me, so I used the only one people might fall for. *winks at Gazer*
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Star Songs