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And now, for a deck I haven't used in a very long time

Left my Halloween Tarot at home tonight and grabbed the Witches Tarot, my very first deck. Not the one I really learned with - that was Robin Wood - but this was the deck that got me hooked on Tarot about 7 years ago now.

XI Wheel of Fortune

Eleven? I knew this deck had Swords & wands "reversed" - fire for Swords & air for Wands, instead of the other way around like most decks - but this is the first time I've ever noticed Justice and the Wheel have switched places. Odd...

This one's a big wagon wheel - or a ship's wheel maybe - floating above a hill. Shows a woman through the cycle of life, from a baby at 1 o'clock around to a young girl, maiden, mother, and crone. What goes around, comes around. The only constant in life is change. If you don't like the weather in Kentucky, give it time.

I'm a little down because my work partner is travelling out of state this week. I miss him when we're not working together, and I'm always a little jealous that he gets to travel and I can't afford it. I like my other co-worker, but she's fairly new at the job and I'm just a lot more comfortable when he's around. The Wheel reminds me that we can't work together every night, and that he'll be back soon.

Be careful out there knightaudit, and enjoy your trip!
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