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F'ing Tarot sense of humor!

Last night before work, I drew the 10 of Swords from the Fey Tarot. Not a good card in most decks, in this one the Fey female is dissolving into sand below the knees and looks pretty surprised about it. "Should be a routine night at work," I thought, "nearly sold out but no big deal, same junk as always. 10 of Swords is one of those real gloom & doom, everything's going to Hell kinda cards. What could go that wrong?"

A reservations manager with a bug up her butt, apparently. (I usually use her desk at night.) Somehow she's convinced everybody that she and the front desk manager should share his little office, instead of having the biggest desk in the main office. Didn't want to suffer the peasants, I guess. Anyway, they've got two desks facing each other in there, and she'd already moved the central reservations computer in there. No biggie, I don't use that for anythng except a CD player anyway. Some time yesterday she'd moved her main computer in there too, leaving the big desk empty (except for her kitsch all over the top shelf still). Didn't move the calculator, just the computer. So after some fussing and moaning about my bad luck and getting treated like Shoemaker Elves again, I ended up using a lot smaller desk in the main office rather than work at her new desk in Claustrophobia City. Not ideal by far, but not quite as bad as it seemed at first.

Haven't gone upstairs yet tonight, but here's a card from the Witches Tarot: What kind of crap has day shift left for me this time?

Five of Swords, reversed

Again, not a good card in general. Two guys fighting their way up a hill against two others, with one casualty between them. All of 'em are dressed the same though, so hard to tell which side he came from. (A mutiny comes to mind, some of them turning on the others.) Tiny little woman crouched behind the guys up top, trying to shield a baby from them with her body. Not sure if I feel more like the two guys fighting their way up the hill (and guarding each other's backs) or the woman hoping the dust settles soon so she can get back to whatever she was doing. Seems to capture the whole "us vs. them" attitude that seems to be going around here lately, though.

Whatever it is, it probably won't be something I like. Like they (day shift) give a crap if I like it or not. Doubt it even crossed their minds at all. We're shoemaker elves, everything gets magically done by itself. As long as the results are there, they don't want to know who or how it's done.
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