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Star Songs

December 12th, 2005

Ugh @ 04:08 am

Current Mood: sick sick

Of all days to get sick, it would have to be the same day as LexFA's annual holiday feast. The hostess is a wonderful cook, tons of yummy veggie casseroles and turkey and homemade cookies and candy. Unfortunately my tummy wasn't up to more than a few nibbles. On the good side, we took home a few cookies I've been nibbling on little by little, and I did get a funny card and a pretty green d20 necklace from knightaudit and roina_arwen. (Thanks guys!)

Later in the evening brought chills, congestion and a sinus headache. Yep, yet again I'm getting the flu one symptom at a time. I probably should have called in to work tonight, but (as usual) I'll muddle through. I'm stubborn like that sometimes. It's been snowing steadily all night, but since it's hovering right around freezing it's just now starting to dust the sidewalks. Should make getting home in the morning interesting, in that old Chinese proverb way.
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Star Songs