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Star Songs

November 8th, 2003

Five of Swords night @ 06:14 am

Current Mood: calm calm
Current Music: Eagles: Hotel California

Apparently I'm the woman in the background, trying to ignore the infighting until it's over. I've had a pretty good night - behind schedule, but I've been in a pretty good mood for once. First time in ages, come to think of it. Dr. Phil would call it a "life decision" - I've made a conscious effort to Go With the Flow, and it's been working so far.

Let day shift play their silly office politics. They don't pay me enough to be bothered by their crap. I was here before nearly everybody, with less than a handful of exceptions among a staff of 300+. There have been changes before, there will always be changes - and I'll still be here. And if I'm not, it shouldn't be to hard to find a similar job at another hotel. I've got over a decade experience in a field where the average turnover is six months or less.

Screw 'em, they're not worth the stress.
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Star Songs