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Getting off to a weird start

Tonight seems to be getting off to a weird start so far. Mother-in-law was in the van and had it running when I got there, so no waiting for her to get from house to van. (Arthritic knees take some time.) Stopped by Kroger on campus, she politely asked for some Cokes. No problem, I don't mind getting her small stuff to pay for the rides to work and I wanted some beef jerky anyway. Spotted Gav (from our Saturday gaming group) and said hi, took him a minute to recognize me with coat on & hood up. A little friendly chat about munchies and protein cravings, he'd come for sushi. Realized checking out that a very cheerful mood had snuck up on me when I wasn't looking, and I was humming with the upbeat holiday songs on the Muzak.

About a block from the store noticed it seemed pretty dark, so I asked Mama to double-check her headlights. Sure enough, the inside & parking lights were on but the headlights hadn't, got it fixed no problem. Until we turn onto High, and I notice there's bluish blinking lights behind us. Yep, got pulled over, no reason either one of us can think of. Turns out we'd passed him on Euclid before catching the lights, he'd been following us since then. Those streets are pretty narrow so I'm guessing High's the first place that had room to pull us over. She mentions we'd had trouble with the lights and asked the officer to make sure they were on now, which they were. He asked if we'd pulled over somewhere, I mention Kroger's and he puts it together that we hadn't realized at first the lights weren't all the way on, but we'd already caught and fixed it before he stopped us, which made him happy. He asks her if she's been drinking, she grabs a bottle off the seat next to her and holds it up - "Just this Coke, Sir. That is okay, right?" He chuckles a little and tells us to have a nice night, and maybe get someone to check the fuses on the headlights tomorrow.

Not sure what's changed between last night and tonight, but this slightly silly mood beats last night's lonely/homesick/depressed one all to Hell and back again. I did get up earlier than usual tonight, maybe 6:30pm so the boys were still up and I got in some sweet family time. I'm beginning to think I'm sleeping too much.

Anyway, enough Work Avoidance Theater, time to get on with it. And find ice, my soda's gotten warm while I'm sitting here typing.

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