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Well, crap!

Just when it seems I'm finally getting my financial life together, and we're not having to rob Peter to pay Paul check after check, something comes along and blows it all to Hell. In this case, that Something is the IRS. We got a letter today saying we'd made mistakes on our 2004 return so we owe them over $1400 - and they want it now.

WTF? I used an online automated site to do last year's taxes - one recommended by and linked to by the IRS - that offered free e-file for lower income families. I put in all the info, it did the math and submitted it, so what's the problem? Apparently it totally ignored Gazer's income and left it off the final forms. Either that, or somehow I forgot to enter his 1099, but I choose to believe more likely it's a bug on their end. And since self-employment taxes are higher to include Social Security and such, we got refunded almost double what we should have gotten. Crap, they're right.

There's a toll-free number to ask questions; I'm going to call Monday and see if they can just take it out of this year's refund. That's the quickest way for them to get their money, so hopefully they'll go for it.

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