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news on the job front

I've officially started training in payroll! Our payroll clerk/head cashier has maybe two weeks left before she goes on maternity leave, and I'll be taking on her payroll duties on top of my current audit shifts, at least for the time being. Bossman says she'll probably be gone the full three months, and he gets the impression she may not be coming back at all. He's already offered me her full job on day shift if that does happen, and he's pretty sure he's figured out a way I can at least keep my current pay rate doing it. (Transfers, raises, etc. all have to be approved by Corporate HQ. Since I'd still be in the same department, he's pretty sure I can get paid as if I'd had that position all along, rather than having to start over at a newbie rate.)

It was a long day and tomorrow will be longer, but I really enjoyed it. And I figured out a few software tricks the current cashier didn't know it could do. Hehehe!

One of our third-shift housekeepers (been here almost as long as I have) is in the hospital, so I asked the payroll gal if there was any way he could get sick pay so his check wouldn't be short. She said his manager would need to submit the request on his behalf. I didn't see the manager before I left so I emailed him when I got home. He got it taken care of, and sent me a really sweet note back:

Thanks for thinking about this and showing your concern for our associates. I blew it and you reminded me. It's nice to know that someone cares.

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