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Star Songs

January 20th, 2006

Great, now I've gone and done it. @ 05:05 am

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Remember how I thought the next 6Sox pattern would be a good entry for the Knitting Olympics? Well, they released the new shopping list and it looks like I'm in for more of a challenge than I expected.

It needs 100g of tweedy/marled fingering weight yarn - they called it "ragg" yarn - and a crapload of 8/0 glass seed beads. By "crapload" I mean in the 550+ range. I may have some still from a beaded cross-stitch pattern, if they don't all need to be the same color maybe I can combine them. But they recommend high quality beads, so the hole size is consistent, and those were El Cheapo. (Some were broken, and some so small I couldn't get the xstitch needle through them.)

Oh, and I'm supposed to use whatever needles I need to get 8 sts/inch. I usually get 8 1/2 per inch for that weight yarn. I wonder if that gauge is with or without beads? Maybe the beads stretch it out. And of course, with my big legs, I'll probably need to mess with the sizing anyway, which means even more beads. Argh! Maybe I'll just follow the pattern, and find someone they'll fit to give them away to next Christmas.

Did I mention I've never done beaded knitting before?
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Star Songs