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Work Avoidance Theater

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I haven't been that sick in a few years. Not sure if the sushi (shrimp spicy rolls) I had for breakfast around 7am Friday had gone bad or it was just a short-lived virus, but blech! Tummy cramps & shivering so bad I could barely type. Kept thinking, "Darn this tough gag reflex! I'd probably feel better if I could just throw up and get it over with." Then I did a few times, and it helped a little but not much. Stayed in bed all day - except for running to the bathroom every hour or so - hoping I could sleep it off. Nope, still miserable at 10pm so I called in sick to work for maybe the 4th time in 13 years. Took a few pills & finally crashed until around 5am, took a couple more and woke up again around 3pm Saturday afternoon. I knew I was feeling better when my first thought on waking up was "Where'd I leave my knitting?"

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