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Thursday can't come too soon!

Must be sweeps time again. Lady Heather's back on this week's C.S.I. episode, "Pirates of the Third Reich" - and one of the victims is her daughter. Channel 27 had better not screw this one up or I will have to kill them. (Our local CBS affiliate is bad about pre-empting shows for SEC basketball games that UK's not even in. Idiots.)

And speaking of C.S.I., CBS really needs to update their character bios. They must've all been written before the show ever aired, as a lot of stuff revealed over the years contradicts them. Catherine didn't grow up in Montana; her mom was a showgirl in Vegas' heyday and her bio-dad is a casino mogul. And Sara's bio is about as far off base as you can get; her mom was a violent alcoholic who killed her dad (and mayber herself too, can't remember) so Sara grew up in foster homes. Ex-hippies running a bed & breakfast, my ass.
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