Starsong (starsongky) wrote,

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warming up

Well, the test swatch for my Olympic socks went well. The lace pattern uses a multiple of 9, so I strung a bunch of beads & cast on 36.

This is 18 sts wide lying flat and about 2 1/4 inches across, so I hit the 8/inch gauge target. There's a couple of garter stitch rounds first to get the hang of knitting (or rather purling) in the beads, then one lace repeat with beads and one without. I think I may have missed a bead round on the first repeat though, since I ended up with groups of four and the pattern photo looks like groups of six. Note to self: pay closer attention to the row counts.

Now to unravel the test - no reason to waste the yarn - reball it and string on about 260 beads for the first sock. And figure out something else to work on while I'm waiting for Friday afternoon.
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