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Star Songs

February 21st, 2006

update for Team DPN @ 01:20 am

Current Mood: sick sick

I just posted a progress update on my Olympic socks to the Team DPN blog. I'd post it here as well, but it's a little long so have a link instead.

And this concludes tonight's edition of Work Avoidance Theater. ::bows::

Okay, maybe not quite. I've got a nasty cold, which sucks. Started Saturday evening with deep coughs and stuffy nose, achy all over too. Still feeling bad, but better now than last night. Of course I would be on the early end of a ten-day work stretch, with Knight in Orlando so I can't call in. ::shakes fist at Florida::

PS to froggy_dear: This CafePress shop made me think of you.
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Star Songs