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Here we go again...

O Great Hotel Gods, why have you forsaken me? Have I not worked through injury and illness, night after night, lo these thirteen years? Why have you chosen, for the second time in two weeks, to send your minions to taunt me?

A little after 4am I get a call from a little old lady. "Now, I don't know if they've got some porno channel turned all the way up or they're just really havin' an orgy next door, but I can't sleep with all this racket." That'd probably be porn, ma'am, courtesy of the redneck guys that were in the lobby when the bar closed a few hours ago, inviting everyone in earshot up to their room for more beer.

Security went up there & told 'em to keep it down - which took some doing, since they couldn't hear him pounding on the door for a good five minutes. And apparently they can't have porn without smoking, 'cause when they finally opened the door the cloud set off the smoke alarm in the hallway. Which sets off ear-splitting sirens & strobe lights in every room on four floors (one below and two above) at four-freaking-thirty in the morning. Grrr!!!

Took forever to get the alarm system reset, even after the firemen finally physically yanked out the detector. I'm over in the alarm room with Security, catching my breath and such, and ask him, "So, does that automatically reset the elevators too?" Um, that would be a no, gotta go back inside and do that manually. The guests sitting around in their pajamas waiting to get back up to bed were none too thrilled with me, but none of them did anything more than glare.

*sigh* Things were going so well tonight, too, finally getting over that stupid Cold from Hell I've had all week. And I'm pulling a double today, gotta do Payroll yet after my regular shift. I think I'm gonna go clock out for "lunch" and catch a nap.
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