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Death cards

I've had the Death card on the brain lately. Not any particular deck, just in general. A lot of RL stuff reminding me of it:

  • conviction of one of the DC snipers, and trial of the other
  • having to change domains for two free reading networks to drop the 10/second incoming spams
  • upcoming Winter Solstice is the death & rebirth of the Sun

And while sorting my Fey Tarot deck on the bus ride home, a stranger asked to draw a card. I fanned so he could see the backs only & flinched when he drew Death. Looked majorly startled when he turned it over - "Uh oh, here comes the panic" I thought - but apparently he was just really surprised it wasn't a regular playing card.

For those of you out there who use Tarot, which Death card do you think is most interesting and why? (Please invite your friends to respond as well.)

And for everybody, what TV show, movie or book involving a Death card do you remember?

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