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one step closer

Well, I'm one step closer to day shift. The girl I'm covering for (payroll/cashier) turned in her notice Wednesday, so her job was posted as available when I came in last night. Before I left this morning I turned in my transfer application for it.

One obstacle down, a couple more to go. So of course I'm getting hit with PMS mood swings tonight, when I'll be working roughly a 12-hour shift to finish the payroll week after tonight's audit. I blew up at my mother-in-law over the phone tonight - which admittedly felt pretty good at the time - then got all weepy and apologetic half an hour later. And apparently we're about a week into a Mercury retrograde, when all things communicative tend to go to Hell. Mother Nature, your timing sucks.

And snagged from purple_phys:
Catherine: motherly, sympathetic, rational, regretless
You are... Catherine

Who Are You? (CSI Quiz - My Version)
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