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getting older

The doctor said it's pretty much inevitable, perfectly normal for folks around 40. (I'll hit that in December.)

I'm getting bifocals.

The doctor said I'm borderline for them, they're weak enough a prescription that it's still optional, but since I'm enlarging fonts on computers a lot and have to deal with a lot of fine print for work I gave in to the inevitable. My lenses weren't in stock - not strong enough to be commonly used - so it'll probably be first of the week before I get my new glasses.

Our oldest son's also sporting new glasses, which we expected to happen sooner or later since Gazer and I both started wearing them about his age. He wanted "blue glasses" so he's got blue metal oval Jimmy Neutrons, from Nickelodeon's line of children's eyewear. (At least they're not Spongebob!) They do look good on him, and he seems to like them so far. Hopefully that'll hold up after he wears them to school today.
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