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What the Hell am I walking into? I got to work tonight (manager on duty, oh joy) to find at least a half-dozen police cruisers parked all across the front of the hotel, a few more in the valet drive-through, and an ocean of mostly drunk 20-ish people in formalwear standing around between the entrance and the police cars. Looks like a sorority formal got busted up an hour early and we needed metro's help to throw them all out. Way too many people, maybe two or three times what the group told us to expect, and most of them way too sloshed to behave themselves. I could've sworn we stopped booking college parties a few years ago exactly because of this kind of crap.

ETA They didn't have any alcohol through our banquet dept., but the upperclassmen were going over to the hotel bar & bringing drinks back for their younger buddies. I was blowing out the candles they'd left burning and an open Propel fitness water bottle on one of their tables reeked of whiskey.

ETA 2 Oh dear God! I've had it with drunks tonight. One stupid thing after another, all frickin' night. Late arrivals trying to check in at the same time as early risers trying to check out - while the computers are down for nightly maintenance, of course.

Any time I have to call 911 is a Bad Night. Could have been a lot worse in retrospect, but with this kind of crap, my change to day shift can't come soon enough! Lady was at the desk crying on the phone, begging her boyfriend to come get her, when the words "they took me hostage and brought me here" came out of her mouth. Gee, you didn't seem to be under duress a few hours ago when the three of you checked in together in a honeymoon suite... but y'never know, so I played it safe and called the cops. I didn't mention earlier stuff to her (much as I wanted to), just told 911 what she'd said about being a hostage and let metro sort it out. Apparently they couldn't get a straight story out of her - or maybe just not the same story twice in a row - but they got her into a taxi and on her way home.

We'd got subs delivered earlier, I haven't even had a chance to get a bite of it yet. I finally gave up and stuck it in the fridge, I'll eat it before heading home this morning. Which should be in a half-hour or so now ... I hope.

PS I've been on my feet so much that my ankles are freakin' killing me!
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