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That's better!

Ahh, sweet sweet Internet, how I've missed you!

The hotel's main Internet connection (WAN) was out when I came in this morning and finally came back online a couple of hours ago. Apparently No Internet also makes good Work Avoidance Theater, as I now get to deal with a lot of payroll-related emails with both local and regional HR folks. I also learned our time clock program is on a centralized corporate server, so no WAN equals no access to TimeSaver.

Another high note this afternoon, I counted the safe and it came out exactly even for the first time since I took responsibility for it. $16,070 in cash and it's all there! Whoohoo!

Lots of stuff to plug into TimeSaver yet but nothing that can't wait a day or two, so I'm heading for home.

Oh, and before I forget - happy 6th birthday, Mike! Mommy loves you!
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