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Jaywalkers - day 2

Cast on yesterday evening, 84 sts of Trekking XXL on US 1 dpns (set of 5). Changed the k2p2 rib to K2p1 so it fit evenly on each needle, 13 rnds before starting the zigzag pattern. I'd seen a lot of bloggers saying Jaywalkers were notoriously tight-fitting so after another inch or so I put it on scrap yarn to try on. (Side note: cheap acrylic worsted yarn is slightly thicker than my US 1 needles.) Foot slid through up to the ankle and stopped; no way in Hell my heel's getting through there.

Ribbing's plenty stretchy, but leg pattern is definitely not. Frogged back to the ribbing, increased 8 sts/needle on next round - left end and ctr sts on each needle alone, kf/b in every other st for the rest. Knit next round even before starting pattern rounds. Changed "K 8" in pattern rows to "K 12".

Would really like to keep knitting but can't afford to sleep through work again tomorrow, so off to bed. (Not literally asleep, just very groggy and fuzzy-headed all day.) Sounds like kids are finally asleep so maybe I can actually get some rest tonight.
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