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Jaywalkers - day 3

Yeah, I know it looks like this should be day 4. I haven't worked on them yet today so this is about yesterday, nyah!

*sigh* Well, that didn't work. It did go over my heel & ankle, but not far enough up my leg to where sock tops should be. New plan - instead of widening each repeat again, go smaller and double the number of repeats to 8 total (2 on each needle). Increasing after the ribbing looked a little puffy around the top before the zigzag really established itself, so I've ripped it all the way out and will start over completely this time. Changing the 'K 7 (8)' in the pattern to 'K 6' makes each repeat 15 sts, so the new cast-on number is 120. And since it comes out even now, go back to the k2p2 rib in the original pattern, maybe a little deeper than the suggested 1".
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