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Jaywalkers - day 7

I've turned the heel and gotten a couple of rounds into the foot tonight. Went with my normal flap length (36 rows) on half the sts. Figured out the "turning point" for the heel was 2 sts past center before the first ssk, the rest of the heel turn went per pattern.

It seems to be going well, but I'm getting worried that it won't work out in the long run. I tried it on, the leg fits but the heel seems to swallow me. It was still on the needles though, so maybe the zigzag instep will draw it in enough once it gets going. I'm also beginning to doubt I'll have enough yarn to finish this sock at this rate. Or rather, that I won't finish both with this pattern. I split the ball in half by weight before I started to allow the same amount for each sock.
Tags: jaywalkers
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