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Star Songs

June 28th, 2006

Work Avoidance Theater @ 01:11 pm

Current Mood: grumpy grumpy

Hooray for Picnic Day! Instead of lunch in the basement cafeteria as usual, they had burgers & dogs outside on the bar patio. Food was pretty good, weather was wonderful - not too hot or humid and a nice steady breeze. Would've stayed outside longer but after the baked beans my body had other plans.

I'm really beginning to hate bank audits. Every cashier is assigned a "bank", a set amount of money to make change for customers. As part of my General Cashier duties I have to audit all the banks once a month, which I don't mind too much. But company policy says that audits have to be done by two people and both have to sign off on them - which means I have to drag someone else away from whatever they're doing to go upstairs and count the banks with me. And of course, everyone else is incredibly busy finishing out the month right now, so I'm stuck here twiddling my thumbs waiting for someone to free up and help me with something I'm perfectly capable of (and would much rather be) doing by myself.

I understand why the two-person policy's there - theoretically so I couldn't pocket cash from someone's bank and just say they were short for it - but I don't have to like it. Policy's making me grumpy on an otherwise perfect day.
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Star Songs