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One bit of advice, folks - if you're running the main corporate payroll/email servers for a slew of hotels spread across the eastern half of the US, for fuck's sake get backup generators! And when your AC dies so you have to shut down your servers to keep them from combusting, get the fucker replaced!

Corporate had to shut down the servers due to AC failures again today, for the second week in a row. They're in Arlington VA and are trying to blame it on the flooding this time, but since the same exact thing happened last week I'm finding that hard to believe.

Tomorrow's our bi-weekly payroll submission day. They'd better have that fucker up and running again by morning is all I'm sayin'.

Edit: A couple of folks briefly confused the X-Men's Rogue mentioned in my previous post with the Rogue hoodie, a really popular knitted sweater pattern. This made me smile when I really needed it, so thanks! For the non-knitters on my list, check the link to find out what the heck was so funny.
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