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Jaywalkers - day 13

Turns out my hunch on day 7 was right. I got halfway through the foot and noticed I only have one stripe's worth of yarn left, and I probably need at least two more stripes' length before I start shaping the toe. Frak!

I put it on scrap yarn & pulled the needles out, tried it on and it fit great! And sadly, confirmed I was right in the middle of my foot and how much yarn I'd need that I don't have. It's not like I can pick up Trekking XXL at WalMart, what I've got is all I can get. If I don't get one sock out of half the ball there's no point to finishing this one and leaving the second sock without a foot.

Let's see... I could make the cuff shorter, this one's longer than I usually wear. The wider-than-designed try back on day 2 was a little short but pretty close, the much-wider day 3 version fits but uses too much yarn to have enough for the whole thing. Somewhere between is the new target.

Back to one repeat on each needle, four total. Day 2 changed the 'K8' from the pattern to 'k12', adding another pair to each repeat (k13) is another 8 sts total, so cast on 84 + 8 = 92. Keep the longer 15 rnd ribbing, I liked that, then add 8 on each needle and start into pattern. The longer leg was 59 rounds, shorten that to 49 after the increase round. Drop 2 sts from each repeat every 10th round to taper the leg. Each round ends down the back of the leg, so on rnd 49 decrease across the first and last needle to get down to the right width for the heel flap.

These socks have a long learning curve, but I'm bound and determined to finish them. Trial and error, combine the bits that worked and change the ones that didn't. Keep extensive notes so mistakes don't get repeated, and once the first sock's done I'll know how to get the second one right in one go.

Don't feel like frogging this one right now so I'll put the sock-in-progress aside and start fresh with the other half of the yarn. Who says I can't make the second sock first?
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