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Jaywalkers - day 17

So far, so good. (Yeah, I know, I've said that before.) Decreased down to 40 sts for the heel, so the flap's 40 rows (not counting the 1 1/2 setup rows). Taking the gussets down to 36 sole sts (18 per needle) which would be half of my normal 72 sts stockinette foot which happens to match the larger size in the pattern. The instep pattern's at 'K 9' on each side of the decreases now, the pattern's 'K 8' so once I get to the right size for the sole I'll skip increases on the next instep round and get that down to matching the pattern as well. That should make the toe easier since I can then proceed without modification. At least, in theory.

Great weather this morning, clear and sunny. The wind was a tiny bit chilly, but not enough to bother with a sweater I'd have to carry home later. Knitted a few rounds on the bus and a couple while walking from the station to work. Why yes, I can knit and walk at the same time, as long as it's not too complicated a pattern. And I do stop while crossing streets. I really didn't want to put it down. Maybe I can take a long lunch break today and knit outside awhile.

Edit: Yep, got the long break - much needed and enjoyed. Sat on a shady bench near the corner. Tried on the sock, snug but not tight, it'll be a little looser without the needles in it. On rnd 32 after the heel and just finished the last decreases, about in the middle of my foot, looks like plenty of yarn still. Yay!
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