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Star Songs

July 18th, 2006

stupid payroll system! @ 12:01 pm

Current Mood: stressed stressed

I'm growing to hate centralized payroll. We can't make changes locally to any employees' info (primary rates, tax info, part or full time, etc.); everything has to be sent through the regional office. And when they drop the ball and don't get stuff entered correctly - or sometimes not at all - I'm the one that gets to take crap for it.

I don't blame the employees at all for getting pissed when their check's screwed up - Hell, I'd be furious too! - but most of the time it's not my frigging fault! If Corporate didn't enter the changes we sent (and resent) before they run the checks there's not a damn thing I could do about it.

But other than occasionally getting blamed for stuff that's beyond my control, I really like my job.
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Star Songs