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It's a date!

Or, at least it was, a few hours ago. Today (the 2nd) was my 10th wedding anniversary with gazerwolf. His mom came over to watch the kiddies so we could go out, just some "us" time for the first time in (insert deity here) knows how long. Of course she finally showed up two hours after she said she was coming, so good thing we didn't have any specific time-critical plans. We ended up in Hamburg, so of course we spent a while in Barnes & Noble. Gazer got me an adorable little zen garden for de-stressing at work - on sale yet! - and he picked up a new book in the Ringworld series he's been reading. I thought about getting Mediation for Dummies but couldn't really justify the $25 to myself right now. Looks like a good plan, Amazon's got it cheaper anyway.

We'd thought about going to Damon's for dinner - him for the prime rib, me for their sweet potato casserole - but they've either gone out of business or got bought out. Their old building apparently hosts three different restaurants now, Malone's, Harry's Bar & Grill, and Aqua Sushi Bar. In any case their parking lot was completely filled, including some overflow into the grass, so the heck with that idea. We ended up at Rafferty's, which turned out to be an excellent choice. He got that prime rib after all, and I went with the catfish. Mmmm!!! They were slow enough we had a section pretty much to ourselves, our waitress was attentive without being intrusive, and it made for a thoroughly enjoyable evening.

Speaking of zen gardens, I did some Googling for layout ideas and found a virtual zen garden of sorts, a really addictive little Flash program.
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