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sleep avoidance theater

Holy crap! gazerwolf, we have got to add these RPG Motivational Posters to the slideshow rotation!

Not sleepy, even a little bit, and I have to get up in ... 4 1/2 hours. This is Not Good. I blame it on Club Pogo. Just a quick round or two of Omaha Poker before I hit the sack, I thought. They're advertising a two-week trial of their paid Club Pogo memberships, which they've had for a while, but this time they added a 10K token bonus for trying it out - and threw in the magic words, "No credit card required." Yep, don't need to give them payment info until/unless I decide to keep it.

So I made a mini-Pogo-me, couldn't save it apparently without actually being a 'paid' member, so I copied her from a screen print and added her to my LJ profile. They even had a knitting basket add-on! And of course I had to try out a few of the Club-only games, not sure yet if they'll be worth paying for but I made some tokens and 'bought' some Club-exclusive prize raffle tickets, so maybe I'll get a nice digicam or a couple of hundred cash.

Still not sleepy, but I'm going to prep the coffee pot and head to bed anyway.

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