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I really need to quit screwing around online at work. They don't mind if I'm online as long as I'm not on porn sites and I have everything else done. That last part's the kicker - I don't, yet here I am again. I really should set up a custom Home page that just says "Quit screwing around!" At this rate I'll miss lunch, and it's supposed to be cheeseburgers today which is one of their better options.

At least yesterday's candle rescue is working. I knocked over and shattered the jar candle the kids got me for a Mother's Day / new job gift. I'd had it on the warmer that morning, but my sinuses hurt when I came back from lunch so I turned it off for once, instead of leaving it on all day and turning off when I go home. That was about an hour before the accident so it had time to cool down some. The center was still molten, but the outside had solidified so at least the wax stayed intact rather than splashing all over everything.

I picked up the big glass pieces and tossed them into an empty quarter roll box, pulled out the wick (which had settled to the bottom) and picked out as many shards as I could, then turned the candle upside-down over an empty glass candy jar left behind by a previous occupant of my office many years back. Once the liquid drained out I used a metal letter opener to chop the soft wax up into chunks, dropped what would fit into the jar and (after it cooled off the rest of the afternoon) put the rest into an empty ziptop bag I'd left in my desk.

So, the new candle's non-burnable (no wick) but I'm not allowed to have fire around the cash & payroll records anyway. It's shorter (thus less likely to be knocked over) and I can drop in more wax as it evaporates. Still functional for the warmer (which they got me with the candle), still the same great citrus scent. And I did manage to get the "mandarin orange" ribbon off the shattered pieces and stick it around the neck of the new jar, where it fits perfectly.

Right, damn, getting distracted again. Back to work!! ETA And still distracted, went back to edit this and add a few details I forgot before. Crap!

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