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I must finally be getting a handle on my new duties. I got an email announcement that one of our Reservations agents just became a father and my first thought was to wonder if he'll be taking family leave and what paperwork I need to fill out so he can get sick pay for it.

Today's apparently going to be Cash Day, so rather than Work Avoidance Theater, I'm actually using LJ to compose my thoughts and get straight in my head what I've got to do this afternoon. (Oohh, ahh!)

1. Set up $500 bank for new front desk clerk [done]

2. Prepare contract for bank [done]

2a. Put new master key on ring in correct order [done]

3. Make sure new bank keys work & get clerk to sign contract [done]

3a. Give clerk copy of contract for his records [done - first time someone's asked for a copy]

4. Return duebacks/exchanges into bank boxes for front desk, especially the big one for the overnight guy [done]

5. Pull and count banks for two desk clerks who no longer work here (which is why I need new keys, neither one returned theirs when they left) [done]

5a. Give contracts for ex-employees to HR with final counts [done]

5b. Update master bank spreadsheet [done]

6. Break several $500 bundles of $5's into $100 clips in anticipation of managers stocking up on change for the weekend [done]

6a. Make change for 2 day shift cashiers who caught me upstairs during step 4 and return to their banks [done]

6b. Get receipts & change for outstanding petty cash vouchers [done]

6c. Let guest know we found her credit card, leave at front desk for her to pick up over weekend [done]

7. Count main safe before leaving to make sure I haven't screwed anything up [done - short $3.61 out of over $15K, within acceptable range and better than last count]

And of course there's tips & vacation days to be entered into payroll if I have time. As if! Looks like that'll be Monday afternoon, maybe even Tuesday if the weekend's cash-heavy.

I posted to hotel_workers earlier asking desk clerks how they'd break down a $500 change bank, to get an idea how to set up the new one. Then I went over to the civic center for a caramel frappe after lunch and ran into wizkryton, who used to work the desk here and I hadn't seen in a couple of years. Didn't recognize him until he spoke, he's shaved off the beard & got rid of the glasses. I figure you need at least one roll each of quarters, dimes, nickels & pennies, which comes to $17.50. Two of each would be $35, though I'm not sure you'd really need two rolls of anything but quarters. Wiz said he used to prefer $200 in $1's, $100 each in $5's and $10's, then whatever else you need to bring it up to $500.

And since it's not Work Avoidance Theater without going off on a tangent, today was apparently Bring Your Kid to Triangle Park Day. There were dozens of young moms with strollers and/or toddlers, mostly I'd guess between 18 months and 3 years old. The Civic Center was full of them too. Wonder if it had anything to do with Ringling Bros. Circus being at Rupp this weekend?
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