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Mmmm, coffee!

I blame purple_phys for my current coffee buzz. She left her steel Thermos at our place after gaming last weekend. (What flavor was that, anyway?) I noticed it was still hot after six hours or more so the next day gazerwolf surprised me with a bottle of my own. Oh, little steel bottle, how I love thee! I was even moved to submit a review to Amazon singing its praises. I've been avoiding coffee at work because I don't like whatever brand they use here, and I don't have the Irish Cream flavored creamer I'm used to. Now I've got good coffee at work - and icewater on the way home that won't melt or sweat all over the place.

I woke up with an upset tummy this morning and was feeling pretty worn out, but after a nibble and sip it's getting steadily better. The only down note was a mysterious pop that turned out to be my orange candle - the one I'd "rescued" - cracking from the heat on the warmer. Apparently that candy jar wasn't heat-safe after all, at least not for repeated heating & cooling. It hadn't been on but a couple of minutes so I turned it back off, waited for it to cool, then pulled it loose - and left a piece of the glass bottom stuck to the warmer. *sigh* I got it loose and got the warmer cleaned up from the little bit of wax that had leaked out, threw out the loose glass shards and put the candle aside for now. I've got a couple of little jar candles that are designed heat-safe, so once one of those burns out all the way I'll just reuse that jar for the orange wax.

PS. Well, crap! I just found out that Stargate: SG-1 won't be back for season 11. The current season runs through fall, then a break and more episodes in the spring, with the series finale next June. I like Ben Bowder's character, I guess, but they lost a lot of the chemistry when Richard Dean Anderson and Don Davis retired. It hasn't been as good lately as it used to be.

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