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Star Songs

January 4th, 2004

Adding insult to injury @ 02:47 pm

Current Mood: crappy crappy
Current Music: Nickelodeon TV

As if last night's Hell Night at work weren't bad enough, I broke my glasses on the way home this morning. It was drizzling, I took them off to dry the lenses and the left arm snapped in two. I broke them once before in the same spot, they'd been glued back together and the epoxy gave. I've got the browser font set as big as it'll go to try and read my email, and I touch-type anyway, I just can't see if I'm making typos or not very well.

Got home late this morning, around 10am. The boys were making a big racket, woke me up at least four times in three hours before I finally gave up and just stayed up with them. Got Jimmy Neutron on TV to keep them happy, since I can't see it anyway right now. Hopefully gazerwolf can fix my glasses when ever he gets up, I can't see well enough to do it myself.

Oh, and between eye strain, the boys and the 12-hour Sudafed I took before work wearing off, my face hurts like hell.
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Date:January 5th, 2004 07:02 am (UTC)
Oh! Poor woman! I'm sorry. *hugs*

Star Songs