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Star Songs

October 8th, 2006

Battlestar Galactica season 3 premier @ 03:28 pm

Current Mood: weird weird

Lots of marriages goin' on here. I counted four new ones:

  • Chief Tyrol & Cally

  • Dualla & Lee Adama

  • Starbuck & her Pyramid jock (what's his name?)

  • Helo & his Boomer

That's not counting the couple that was already married at the end of season 2, Saul & Ellen Tigh.

The Helo/Boomer marriage was a bit of a surprise, not that they'd want to get married but that Adama Sr. would sanction it. Another measure of his trust in her, and his conviction that she's firmly changed sides. I'd known she gets sworn in as a Colonial officer again (thanks Entertainment Weekly for that spoiler photo), but it was "Lt. Sharon Agathon" that surprised me a little.

solarbird mentioned how hypocritical it seemed for the Cylon to object so strongly to human suicide bombers when they'd used the same tactic themselves. The difference I think is Cylon can't really die; they know they're only killing a body, the soul/spirit/person will download into a new one. When talking about the bomb at the police graduation, they mention a few Cylon were killed and several more had to be euthanized - if they're injured badly enough, it's probably easier to just let go of that body and move on to the next one. They know humans don't have that luxury, that dead is permanently dead for them, so they see human suicide bombers as a separate (and more terrifying) act from their own version of it.
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Star Songs