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Star Songs

October 16th, 2006

Shh, don't tell! @ 03:38 am

Current Mood: curious curious

I'm playing a Kaylee-esque ship's engineer in a Star Wars campaign. We're wanted criminals with every bounty hunter in the 'Verse after us. (Of course we are - we're Rebel scum. And we've made one of the more powerful Hutts look *really* bad three times now. His bounty on us is bigger than the Empire's.) We'd bought two fake transponders besides our real one, all three of which have been compromised, so I built us a new one without a record. My character grew up on Hoth, so I figure living on an ice planet she'd developed a sun-based religion/faith. I wanted the new (fake) name for our ship to have something to do with Hoth's sun, so I hit Google looking for the name of that star.

According to the StarWars.com database - which I'm assuming is official canon - Hoth is the name of both the star and its sixth planet. So if anybody asks, we're Hoth Rising. Shh...
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Star Songs