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This is much better!

After yesterday morning sucked so badly, last evening turned out pretty well, and this morning is relaxing and peaceful. Of course, school being back in session might have a lot to do with that last bit, along with a full week's vacation from the job! I've also done some things to improve my job skills...

1. Signed up for a free online course through the American Hotel & Restaurant Association's Education Institute. (A little-used job perk, free to employees of member companies.) I'm taking "Hospitality Industry Financial Accounting" so I can get a better picture of how the paperwork & figures I turn in every night fit into the bigger picture.

2. I was asked to step in as webmaster of the Comparative Tarot website, run by my friend and mentor. Her previous volunteer decided to get out of the business to pursue other interests, and I was her first choice as replacement. She gets review decks & books from various publishers and offered to send me occasional freebies as payment, so how could I turn her down?

Speaking of back to school, it's about time to get my toddler up and off to preschool.
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