Starsong (starsongky) wrote,

Well, that might explain some things...

We entered a Mercury Retrograde phase Saturday, so the
problems have started adding up.

We contacted our broker about applying for a mortgage just
over a week ago and still haven't gotten the application
forms he mailed us.

Our printer is spitting out solid black pages. We had it
fixed once for the same thing (while it was still under
warranty) and that turned out to be a loose wire, so gazerwolf spent most of Sunday with a downloaded
manual taking it apart. It still doesn't work, but at least
now it's all clean inside.

Our business phone line's acting up. Incoming calls go to
voicemail, but (depending on which phone's hooked up)
either it won't ring or when it does ring you can't answer
it. No outgoing dial tone.

The time clock at work screwed up the change back to
Standard time over the weekend. It went back an hour
somewhere between 3 and 5am - and then did it again an hour
later, so it was an hour slow all day Sunday. At some point
early Monday it connected with Corporate and corrected
itself, but it's played havoc with the overnight and
closing/opening crews.

I missed a check in someone's deposit Saturday - the
envelope looked empty, but the check was folded up down in
the bottom and I just didn't see it until after the armored
car picked up the weekend deposits. And new $20 bills stick
together horribly, so I spent almost an hour trying to
figure out why I was coming up short $20 for Sunday. I've
been here 7 hours and I'm just now getting a bit of a break
to write this.

And for reasons I can't fathom, I can't update my journal
from work. I can read fine and I think it comments okay,
but I can't post any new entries. Which is why the last
couple of entries are formatted weird, I'm posting them by

Oh, and there's a strong chance of trick-or-treating in the
rain tomorrow night. I hate Mercury Retrogrades...
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