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Star Songs

November 1st, 2006

Squee! @ 10:50 am

Current Mood: surprised surprised

Got a nice surprise in my email this morning - I've won a skein of yarn from the Felting Fiasco caption contest at ChicKnits last week. I'd forgotten I entered it!

Took the boys trick-or-treating at the Mall last night, since it was chilly & damp. Crowded, but they had a blast. They were still talking about it when they got up this morning. I suspect this'll become a family tradition.

Gave Ivy a haircut this morning, took about half off and it's still a couple of inches long. Now my office smells like fresly mown grass. Still need to knit her a little shawl or something, maybe with scraps of sock yarn. Anything heavier would be way out of scale. I also need to get a pair of tweezers to keep in my desk, her roots are showing.
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Star Songs