Starsong (starsongky) wrote,

I ... have had ... ENOUGH!

I *think* I may have finally figured out a solution to my
inability to update my journal from work. I got so sick &
tired of IE locking up, stop recognizing links, etc. etc.
that I said "Screw this!" and installed Firefox 2.0 on my
work computer. I need Internet access for work, period. IE
doesn't do it any more, so I found a browser that would.

Even if this post doesn't work, I just couldn't take it any
more! I hated being forced to use Explorer, so I won't do
it any more, plain & simple.

...Crap, still times out instead of posting the update. I'm
beginning to think it's a firewall issue, but it'll still
let me comment on other journals, so WTF??
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