Starsong (starsongky) wrote,


I've been getting burned out at work, especially since the
time change. It's already dark by the time I go home, and
since my office is in the basement I don't get as much sun
as I'd like. And since our armored car service isn't
picking up today because of the holiday, I took a long
lunch and walked over to the Civic Center for a much-needed
boost. The weather's beautiful today, bright sun and mid
70s with a light breeze. I found a Mouse Rug on sale and
got a caramel frappuccino at the Coffee Beanery.

Then on the way back to work, I got brought back down to
Earth - literally. I stubbed my toe on a bit of uneven
sidewalk and tripped, landing on my knees and right elbow.
No major injuries (other than pride and a little splashed
whipped cream), but I haven't scraped up a joint this bad
since I was 12 when I tore my knee up riding figure 8's
around a tennis court on my bike. Fortunately they've
restocked the first aid box in Security recently, and the
new blood clotting antiseptic spray and a couple of big
bandaids did the trick.
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