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Star Songs

December 13th, 2006

2006 Year in Review @ 01:28 am

This one came from rosepurr via scott644.

The 2006 Year in Review Meme
Take the first line of your first non-meme (and I'll add non-private) post from each month of 2006 and post it.

January: I've been working on some neat socks for the 6Sox KAL.
February: Just when I think I'm making progress on this sock, fate hits me upside the head.
March: Just when you thought you'd seen all the Serenity parodies, Seremuppety comes along.
April: Yep, now I'm avoiding going to bed instead of work, mostly by clearing out tons of old email.
May: Wow, crit_knitter is a gal after my own heart!
June: The housekeeping manager at work likes to put a "quote of the day" on his bulletin board.
July: Turns out my hunch on day 7 was right.
August: "Sorry, I'm not there, I'm running to get the lizard-men!"
September: Stupid DMS insomnia.
October: Major insomnia? Check.
November: Got a nice surprise in my email this morning.
December: Well, I finally found out from our mortgage broker what the delay was.

So - socks, podcasts, Firefly, work, family & PMS symptoms apparently were recurring themes for my journal this year. How about yours?
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Star Songs