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amazing year-end sale for USA big gals

Thanks to this post over at poor_skills I just got 4 bras from Lane Bryant's online for under $18 total, including shipping & taxes. The original price was $30 each - total savings $108.00.

1. Lane Bryant is running a year-end sale, buy x get x free on their Cacique underwear line.

2. They also have a discount code (00301435) that's supposed to take 30% off your total order.

3. Order sale stuff in the sale multiples, all the same style/color/size (I got 4 bras).

4. Their billing software can't tell which ones were supposed to be the freebies when they're all the same, so it discounts them all.

5. The checkout page is calculated the way it should work - 30% off the after-multiple discounts - but your confirmation email shows the ultra-low bug price.

In my case, I even got a discount on shipping, as the bug price dropped it into a lower bracket. My size is backordered for 2 weeks, so I guess word's spreading and they're running out of stuff, but for that cheap I can wait.

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