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one of those days

So far this morning I'm 0 for 2. It started on my way out
the door for work.

I don't like the hotel coffee so I bring my own. I put the
sugar & flavored creamer in my thermoses - a 16oz bottle &
a Starbucks travel cup the same size, both steel
double-walled so they really hold the heat. Once I've got
the dry stuff in there I fill them about halfway, put the
lids on & shake to mix thoroughly, then add the rest of the
coffee. Except I forgot to latch the spout cover on the
Starbucks mug & splashed hot coffee all over my shirt.
Fortunately it was just below burn threshold, but it made a
very big mess. So I yanked the shirt off, untangled it from
my headphones, and Gazer tossed it in the wash while I ran
upstairs to change.

So now I'm running late and worried I'll miss my bus, so
I'm walking as fast as I can - and stub my toe as I'm
passing Valvoline. I stumble forward a few steps, trying to
catch my balance, and finally gravity wins. I got some
minor scrapes & bruises on my right hand & left knee, but
my left elbow took the worst of it. Hurt like hell, but now
I'm really late & the bus is coming any second so I'm
trying to ignore it. Between that and the backpack keeping
me off balance I had some trouble getting back up, and of
course cars just go whizzing past without even slowing
down, let alone stopping to help. The travel cup got
knocked out of its pocket when I fell so it's lying there
on its side in front of my face, mocking me by not leaking.
Now it decides to stay spillproof.

Fortunately the bus was running late too so I made it after
all. I lost some skin from that elbow but it's not bleeding
and still moves okay, and I didn't rip through the jacket
after all. Got a greasy black spot on my 2nd shirt of the
day - Valvoline sidewalk's not the cleanest in town - but
it was small and the Tide to Go pen I keep in my backpack
got it out.

Well, after a bad start it can only get better, right?

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