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This is what I get for mixing coffee & gaming

Apparently coffee mid-gaming (around 9pm) fuels a knitting marathon. I finished the foot of a 8-year-old sized sock for CIC between die rolls, then finished it off and started a new project around 1:30am as the last guest headed home. This is five hours later:

This is an inch of 2x2 ribbing (10 rnds) and 12 pattern rounds on a Zig Zag Sock, the current pattern for the Sockknitters' Sock-A-Month group. (The grey thing's a microbead wrist pad, for scale.) I got the yarn from woolygrrl through knitswap, some kind of Opal we think. The stripes are purple, pale yellow and lime green so I'm calling it Mardi Gras.

If you include casting on that's over 1900 stitches - a stitch every 10 seconds for five hours straight. I would have gotten a lot more knitting done, but I was playing Hog Heaven Slots on Club Pogo at the same time.

I really should head to bed before the boys get up ... though I suspect it may already be too late. I can hear toys rattling around off and on upstairs. Good thing I'm a heavy sleeper - once I can get to sleep, that is.
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