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today's horoscope

I found today's horoscope rather interesting...


Despite the fact that you are loaded with energy and
eagerness right now, today is not the day for the green
light. Forward movement is not advised. With so many facts
still unknown, this is not a good time for any major
action. It's fine to go forward with any travel plans, but
do not sign any legal documents or invest any large sums of
money. Ride things out for a few more days. Taking a chance
is not the best way to get what you want -- patience

Perhaps the most recent stall in our home buying plans is
for the best in the long run. Yeah, it got delayed again.
On Friday our broker sent us yet another list of conditions
and information the lender wants, some of it we'd already
included in the last batch of faxes. They also wanted a
couple of modifications made to the house and approved by
the appraiser, which makes no sense whatsoever since
supposedly we were already approved. We're beginning to
suspect the broker's jerking us around because we went with
Timelord's appraiser instead of the one the broker wanted
to use - who would have cost us $100 more.

We're getting really tired of getting screwed around. And
since we have to give 60 days' notice to get out of our
lease, if we don't tell our current landlord we're moving
in the next day or two we'll end up paying rent through
April. (We're already planning on doubling up with both
rent and house payments in March.) Utilities at the house
are only on through Feb. 15th, so at this rate we could end
up doubling those as well.

We're debating whether or not to go ahead and give notice,
and just plan on moving by the end of March one way or another.
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