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indoor weather

Our townhouse has some serious thermal issues. For those who haven't been here it's a split level on a slope so the back patio's level with the main floor, which is half underground at the front.

The furnace is upstairs. The glass patio door's not insulated or well sealed, the front door likewise is not sealed. (It was worse a couple of years ago, before we added weather stripping to cover gaps you can see through and almost stick a finger in.) When they worked on the gas last August they cut a foot-square hole in the downstairs bathroom ceiling to run the new lines up and just left it wide open. No insulation between floors, just wood like an attic up in there.

Anyway, it's been below freezing for several days now, and today's high was in the mid-teens Farenheit. Upstairs is warm to hot, and the upstairs bathroom floor (above that hole in the lower ceiling) is definitely warm to the touch. The living room downstairs is cold, and the kitchen's downright frigid. Two pair of wool socks and the kitchen floor's still too cold to walk on for long. Living room's only slightly better, I've been shivering all evening even with the extra socks, a sweater & sitting under a blanket. I have to stop knitting/typing every couple of minutes to thaw my fingers out, and I've got a sinus migraine just above my left eye from being cold so long. And my, er, chest aches.

We've been here six years and I don't remember it ever being this cold indoors, not even when we lost power for three days in the ice storm. There's always been some temperature difference between floors, but this is ridiculous.

Ah well, time to head upstairs for bed. I'll probably be sweating by the time I wake up.

On the plus side, I got our taxes done and e-filed over the weekend. The KY revenue dept. website had links to the Free File Alliance to do both our state and federal returns for free. I used the Intuit/TurboTax one, which found several deductions I would have missed.
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