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Who says you can't teach an old wolf new tricks? It took a few tries to get the hang of it, but after 25 years of knitting I've just finished my first pair of Entrelac socks.

There was quite a bit of trial and error at first, until I figured out it wasn't my lack of understanding the technique causing the problems. The pattern was poorly written and left a couple of things out. For instance, it mentioned switching back to larger needles after the Entrelac section, but it failed to include when to start using the smaller ones in the first place.

One good thing about Entrelac, it's really good for using up lots of yarn leftovers. On the down side, that also leaves tons of ends to weave in, but they're cute enough to be worth the aggravation, don't you think?

These will eventually go to Children in Common for their Big Kids' challenge, for "older" kids ages 6-16, running through the end of March. Most of the list members seem to be knitting for the teens & tweens, so I'm targeting the lower end and making stuff that would fit my own kids.
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