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roller coaster day

That's the only way I can describe this day - one whale of a ride. I'll have to drop into Bullet Time to cover it all.

- : Only got four hours' sleep last night, waking up a few minutes before the alarm.

- : Boss was on the cranky side, he'd been called in early to cover for Knightaudit. (Get well soon!)

- : Looks like a good chance I'll end up pulling third shift through the weekend as the Professor's not answering his phone.

- : First of the month, so had to finish the last four bank audits we couldn't do yesterday afternoon. (UKy Senior Day, so all the bartenders were using their banks.)

- : Thanks to Senior Day, previous day had a record high volume of cash deposits to balance. Grabbed an early lunch and ate while working.

+ : Boss finally gets through to Professor, who grudgingly agrees to work half-nights through what would have been his four-day break. I won't have to cover it after all.

+ : Mortgage officer made me cry, by telling me (by phone) I was the most anal retentive person she'd ever dealt with. Yes, it's a plus - this was our new loan officer, not the old broker, and she was complimenting my financial organizational skills.

+ : New loan's already approved, with much better terms & fewer conditions than the previous offer, within two days of initial contact. She's taken care of things for us, such as getting the appraisal revised to their company and obtaining homeowners insurance, while I was still on the phone with her and before I asked. Estimated monthly payments including insurance are considerably lower than previous one had been without it.

- : Today was also payday, so by the time the deposit was done and ready for the armored car to pick up I had about an hour to sort them all, make sign-off sheets, etc.

- : Found out around 2:30pm that the 3pm meeting & check distribution had actually started at 2pm. Scrambled to finish and get checks upstairs, snacks were already gone.

-/+ : Finished up reporting for monthly bank audits. At least I could finally slow down and relax a little.

+ : Emailed old broker to tell him his services were no longer required. Going home now, looking forward to deli sushi for dinner.

It's been a really busy day. I *so* need a nap!
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