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Thank you NCAA!

Paychecks came in today. Part of my job is to sort them by department, alphabetized, and print signature sheets to go with them. And since I was busy doing that I didn't get to my other typical afternoon task, breaking up bank bundles of 100 bills each for change ($50 worth for ones, $100 sets for fives & tens). So of course today, thanks to the basketball regionals across the street, every cashier in the building has been down in the past two hours for change. Several hundred dollars' worth at a time. In one case, twice.

I just got $5500 in small bills and quarters yesterday, looks like I'll be sending in another order tomorrow morning to get back by Monday. I only need tens every two or three months, I'm nearly out. I hope they're dropping a lot of small bills in today's deposits so I can trade them out tomorrow.

ETA: After all that - at least $4000 traded out - I counted the safe to make sure I hadn't screwed up in the rush. My personal responsibility varies depending on how many cashier banks are out, right now it's $14,500. My final count? $14,504.13, right at the $4 and change over that I've had since I started. (The change varies a few cents plus or minus from the occasional coin roll miswrapped by the bank.) Time to count it all? Twenty minutes.
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